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SIEBER Quality
Customer satisfaction is the crucial element needed for our long-term economic success. The success of our products and work is strongly backed up by our professional quality management system. In this way, we can guarantee solid corporate developments and the jobs of our employees.
The essential elements for customer satisfaction are:
  • the absolute reliability of our tools,
  • high productivity levels as a result of the cost-effective use of the latest technology,
  • complying with legal stipulations, safety rules and standards,
  • meeting delivery deadlines,
  • providing high-quality products and services judged by our prices,
  • providing a working atmosphere that promotes the personal motivation levels of members of staff,
  • ensuring that our staff are able to identify with our company and its products to a high degree, and
  • monitoring and constantly improving operating procedures.
In order to meet these demands, Sieber introduced a systematic quality management system in the early 1990s and the company is certified in line with DIN ISO EN 9001:2008. We are also seeking to constantly improve our processes and services and remain in close contact with our customers to achieve this.

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