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The range of applications for tools developed and manufactured by SIEBER is very broad – from cold to semi-hot or even hot forging – using wire, wire offcuts and even sheet metal, or ranging from steel to non-ferrous metals and even titanium in the widest possible variety of shapes and forms.

Net shapes are forged complete with splines and/or threads or near net shapes for further milling work.
The ongoing increase in cost pressure and the rise in the opportunities of producing even more accurate and complex shapes reliably are enabling us to constantly enlarge our range of applications.
A completely new range of applications is opening up opportunities for forging outer threads.
In terms of industrial sectors, most applications traditionally are found in fastening systems and the automobile industry. Hardly any users can imagine the variety or range of parts that have been shaped by forging in their vehicles. These parts include the axle, the steering system, the gearbox, the clutch and engine technology and even the chassis, seats and safety belts.
In the fastening systems sector, developments have moved far beyond standard screws to complex shaped parts, which are not just rotationally symmetric, and complex tools are often used to manufacture them. Other common applications are metal fittings for doors, windows or the furniture industry, plug and socket connections in the electrical industry, hand tools, ammunition cases, chain links, spark plugs and many other items.