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Extensive practical experience with the widest possible variety of forming machines allows us to take into account all the forging parameters and determining factors when designing tools.
We not only develop complete sets of tools and commission them for you. We are also happy to advise you on solving problems or provide set services that are fully tailored to meet your requirements. We carry out FEM material flow simulations on your behalf and draw up feasibility studies. You as the customer decide whether we should simply supply the assembly drawing for your tool set or supply the full details. If required, we can support you up to and including the launch of series production operations for your finished part.
Our engineers not only know the ductility behaviour of almost every material that can be forged on the basis of decades of practical experience, but they also know about the physical limits of the materials that are to be used to manufacture the tools.
Our expertise covers all the special fields that are relevant to metal forming technology: ranging from tribology, the toughness of the metal needing to be selected and hard coatings, to the factors that affect elastic forming and phosphate behaviour and heat treatments, and even ecologically acceptable lubricants.